Recommendation for temporary node within Docker

Hi all,


  • I have multiple Syncthing Nodes sharing multiple folders
  • One of the Nodes shares only a subset of this folders and is running within a Docker container
  • currently the only persistent config are the *.pem files


I want to be able to set this node up automatically. Persistend data in this case are the *.pem files, the global and the local config. The folders live completly within temporary docker volumes, same with the DB.


  • How will Syncthing behave if I delete this Node and set it up completly from scratch without DB and folder data?
  • Is this “secure” from a data lose perspective or is there any scenario where the empty folders will be synced back to all other nodes?
  • If this folders contain a .stignore file initially, how will Syncthing behave (two cases: if the are readded and if they already exist in the config XML)?

Thats it so far, I hope my thoughts are clear. If not just ask and thanks already for every input.

Thanks and best regards Robert

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