Recheck for missing folders?

Hey Guys,

i am new with Syncthing, but i really like it :-). One thing i don’t like, is the “missing folder” feature. I have several shared folders on several devices, but some folders are on devices which are not available all the time (e.g. encrypted devices, usb devices…)

If the folder becomes available again, Syncthing doesn’t recognize it (in Windows) and won’t sync it. If i trigger a manual refresh, the folder is not recognized, too. I have to do a full restart of Syncthing to start syncing.

Is there a possibility to activate a “recheck” option? Maybe Syncthing should recheck missing folders every 5(?) minutes to see if the folder is now available? I think the recheck-time shouldn’t be the same as the resync time, because resync is triggered via ifolder / SyncTrayzor.

Regards from Germany, Markus

Yep, should be done.