Recent Changes - Folder field

Hi, with 0.14.47 a “Folder” field was introduced in “Recent Changes” view.

Once all of my devices upgraded to 47, I’ve noticed a weird behavior - some files listed there still do not display a folder info (it’s blank). It’s pretty consistent in being blank only for certain folders, and those folders happen to be the older ones, that don’t have “Folder Label” set, and folder’s name is it’s ID.

Seems to me that the “folder” field in Recent Changes picks up only the “folder label”, and if it’s empty just leaves it so. Shouldn’t it be more compatible with older setups, and revert to showing “Folder ID” string in case “Folder Label” string is empty, as is the case throughout the rest of UI?

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Yeah, makes sense, open an enhancment on github.

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