Read-Only, send-only?

I’ve scavenged gh issues, and forum posts. It has either been ‘it should work’ or pointing to #1126.

I have a read-write directory, syncthing has read-only access to it. I would like to send-only, push the contents to other devices.

Yes, I could use scp, yes I could setup crontab, having syncthing’s dir act as an intermediary (sync folder a to folder syncthing locally), but I already have syncthing set up with the devices, and for battery saving on mobile devices, it’s best not to have yet an another thing running.

Other devices show the folder with 0 items, and it appears stopped locally. I get the following erros:

2021-03-28 18:06:36: Failed to create folder marker: mkdir /i/.stfolder: read-only file system
2021-03-28 18:06:36: Error on folder "index" (acmj9-xgivz): folder marker missing (this indicates potential data loss, search docs/forum to get information about how to proceed) 

I have ran $ mkdir /i/.stfolder # (pseudocmd) and restarted syncthing. Still, I get the same error.

How (if there’s any feature like it, if so, shall I open a gh issue?) could I get this setup running?

On an unrelated note, this issue would probably be an (alternative) solution to this as well.

There is a FAQ entry about your specific error message and sharing from read-only file systems: FAQ — Syncthing v1 documentation

Huh. I created and double-checked, that /i/.stfolder exists. Now I double-checked again, it didn’t exist. Creating it worked.

No idea what happened the first time.

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What the Docs don’t mention is that you can also use . as the folder marker, which makes it effectively no marker at all. As long as the folder itself exists, Syncthing will sync it. This has a higher risk of potential data loss though, but could potentially be useful if the folder is truly read-only, and there are no fixed items in it that could be used as the marker.

Kudos @tomasz86 for that observation. I would like to call you Mr. Edge Case from now on. Would never have thought of trying such a thing, but glad you found it :wink:

Thank you, but I must admit that I found the particular tip somewhere on the forum, so it wasn’t me who came up with this method first :smirk:.

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