Re-sync Android shares after a system reset (or upgrade)

Hi there,

I am in the process of upgrading my Android o.s. to a new major release, and I need to format all data on my device. I have a few shared folders which are in sync with my PC.

After my upgrade I would like to reinstall Syncthing and possibly re-sync all the data from my PC, without making any data backup. So my idea is to just import the current Syncthing settings and let it download all the data from my PC.

Will this work? Do I risk losing any data on my PC?

P.S. Please note that in some folder I use a custom exclusion file (e.g. #include exclusions.txt), which is valid on both PC and mobile. So this file is in sync. I guess there will be no issue.

Thanks in advance.

If you use the app’s built-in option to back up and restore later, then Syncthing should just create the folders and download all data from scratch. Please keep in mind though that the backup is only about your config and keys, and not about ignore patterns and such, which you’ll need to apply manually (and only once everything’s been synced due to using #include, because otherwise those “included” files may not be there yet).

Just in case, I’d still advice to set all your folders on Android to “Receive Only” and pause all remote devices before doing the backup. You can change the folder types later once everything’s been downloaded and you’ve verified that there’re no problems.

Thank you very much, well explained and useful.

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