Re-locate .stignore and .stfolder

Is there any way to re-locate .stignore and .stfolder.?

I have a folder I want to sync but I can don’t want to put other files on it because it is a mounted drive that gets mirrored every night from another server through snapshots.

Doing one level down (/mainfolder/ instead of /mainfolder/mountedfolder/) then big files will not sync as it checks for the space left on the main system and not the mounted folder.

If it is not possible, can it be a feature request? :wink:


Currently not possible. The ignore patterns should long term live in the config instead, so that is already feature requested. The .stfolder indicates that the folder is still there where we think it should be, so having it anywhere else doesn’t make sense. There is a ticket on being able to have master (read only) folders without .stignore. Currently nothing about having normal folders without it - it would be dangerous, but some people might like that I guess.

Anything special about that .stfolder file? I mean… would it be ok to have it in my other machine and just overwriting that file every night on the snapshot mirror process I have?

It’s just an empty file that must exist, so feel free to overwrite it whenever. It doesn’t even need to be empty, it’s just how we create it.

It’s purpose is to indicate that the folder exists. Otherwise, for example, if you unmounted this drive Syncthing would interpret it as a delete of all files, and delete all files on every other device as well. With the .stfolder file missing too, it gets an indication that something catastrophic has happened to the folder and stops syncing it.

It does make sense as a security measure. I will give it a try that way. Thanks.

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