RASPI: no such folder

hi there, i switch on my RASPI (with syncthing and an external RAID HDD connected to it) only once a week or less.

very often, i need to check manually, so that it starts to sync, thats not what my idea was :wink:

i very often get “no such folder” or other errors…

i need to restart syncthing or pauss/unpause the folder…

any idea, where the error comes from? (the folder is definetly reachable)

here is my log: 200710 syncthing log RASPI.txt (803.5 KB)

The remote device seems to have removed/paused/unshared the folder, so the requests for data are failing.

I suggest you unpause it and let it run and then check for errors.

Errors will happen if you abruptly pull the pull by changing settings/pausing folders etc while it’s trying to sync.

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the remote device ( the sender side ) never removes, pauses or unshares, its my everytime ON synology :wink:

the raspi also has every folder accessable, i tried in midnight commander etc. everything is there :-/

after some time , restarting, and paus/unpause the raspi receiver side, everthing starts working… but this is 5 hours later or so :frowning: without any real error output, what could cause it

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