Random Dropouts

Set up:

I am using ST v0.14.40, Windows 64 bit on two Win 10 PC’s Both locations use a Netgear R7000 router, about 10 km apart, but on same exchange. One PC is using SyncTrayzor - 1.1.18, so i can see pop ups in notification area. My connection between locations is ok, but not the best. ADSL1 (3Mbit), and ADSL 2 (10Mbit) Latency is between 15 to 150ms.


SyncTrayzor goes into pop frenzy for disconnected/connected. ST console gives broken pipe and i/o timeout messages. Sometimes after a while it may reconnect and stabilise, sometimes just does not reconnect.

Observations and tests:

Using RDP for the remote site, I manually restart both Pc’s, and the connection usually comes back the first time.

Restarting only one PC does not usually fix the connection

When I fiddle with the ST Folders (eg Pause, add one, resume ) the connection breaks, almost always.

Connection is reasonably stable as RDP and OpenVPN don’t seem to lose connection - unless they are the problem!


1.Can somebody pls help with finding source of problem

  1. Would a direct ST connection using each routers IP address help? I have static IP, or can use my routers DNS. I might need some help with this.


RDP/VPN et all use UDP which are best effort protocols, so it’s an unfair comparison as syncthing uses TCP.

Syncthing is expected to disconnect during pause, add folder, etc.

  1. You would have to provide logs. However there have been some similar issues recently and handling connections was already changed quite a bit in the meantime. If you could update to the latest v0.14.41 release candidate and check whether the problem remains, that would be very helpful. You can switch back to stable releases after if you want to.

  2. If you have global discovery enabled, it should work regardless. It might still help, it shouldn’t be necessary though -> upgrading would be preferable for Syncthing development i.e. feedback.

The developers should have long ago stickied a post with current connection issues for few/lot/many users out there, reporting started back with the 0.14.40 connection issues thread.

And advice the affected users to try out some newer current rc.x builds of 0.14.41 and later

Aaah, this forum is very helpful.

Thanks Audrius for explaining that RDP/VPN uses UDP Explains why my RDP and VPN seem to be virtually rock solid. Thanks for confirming expected disconnection on folder pause etc

Simon, so does “global discovery” mean that all the device IP addresses are found automatically and manually putting in an IP address for each device will not really make a difference?

I will update to v0.14.41 and get back with results.

Q - How does Dropbox work? -is it UDP or TCP, just asking as it does not drop out, or hides it very well.

We don’t know how dropbox works. Dropbox doesn’t need to be connected all the time either, so occasionally being able to connect is probably ok.

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