RAM usage ~2GB during 60GB file transfert


I’ve been trying to transfert a 60GB file betwwen 2 devices, this cause syncthing to use all the free memory on the smaller device 88% of the 2GB Ram and use the same amount on the other device 24% of 8GB. The speed transfer is very slow about 20% of what I normally get with ST between those 2 devices.

On the smaller device this seems to cause ST to be killed and make it restart every 10 minutes or so.

Using 0.11.6 Is this normal?


Please see here: https://forum.syncthing.net/t/slow-lan-performance-transferring-a-single-300gb-file

Try the version that calmh posted, there is still a hit on the RAM but the transfer is much faster.

Great the speed is back to normal. And memory usage is down by 50% still big use but: :smile: