Quickly sync issues

I want to transfer 1TB of data offsite, can I start multiple syncthing nodes at both ends to share this 1T of data? Because the bandwidth per node is 10MB/s

The question is about running multiple instances of Syncthing on both sides to share the data quicker, right? You can do it, but you will need to split the data into multiple folders and make sure they don’t overlap. Basically, each Syncthing instance should be responsible for different data.

Yes, I was wondering if a single file could be transferred in chunks, in fact it could be some large files, is there any other way

Did you already try to just use one instance?
I can easily transfer one file with a single instance on each side with 18MiB/s.

If your connection really cannot be saturated with one instance on each side (because of too high latency or whatnot), and you just want one way transfer, you could try running multiple instances on the sending side and one on the receiving side, let all sending instances hash the file (which can take a while, as all have to read and hash the file independently) and then share the folder with the same ID in every instance from each instance to the receiving one, so it will have one folder and several remote devices. This way, it should make multiple connections to the same physical device to compensate for the suboptimal internet connection.


Why are you not just using rsync to transfer from A to B? Whats the point of using syncthing here?

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When the sender uses multiple instances and the receiving end uses only one, and finally the network bottleneck is on the receiving side, is it possible to establish multiple instances on both the sending and receiving ends, and the sender and receiver evenly distribute the transmission tasks?

I’m quite a beginner: what is the difference, between rsync and syncthing?

  • rsync does one-shot one-way sync.
  • syncthing does continuous bidirectional sync.
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