Questions about sync-conflict with receive-only folder

I have a receive-only folder on my Android phone that shall be overwritten by changes on my Windows computer. Syncthing creates a conflict file on the phone but no notification about that conflict neither on the computer nor on the phone. At the next change on the computer Syncthing does not change the files on the phone before I find and delete the old conflict file. Is that purposely? Shouldn’t there be a notification? Is there a way that the files in the receive-only folder are being changed automatically without conflict file?

No there is no way. There are no notifications either sadly. You can set the number of conflicts to keep to 0 via advanced config in web ui, but I don’t think that will solve your problem.

Thank you for your answer. What will be the consequences for the next conflicts if I set the number of conflicts to 0? Will that remain as it is or are there plans for a feature to solve this?

If you set to 0, you will not have conflicts, but conflicts is a measure to prevent data loss (as the files are different), so you are essentially accepting to have data loss.

Solve what exactly?

In the respective folder is a database that shall have the version of the computer. So the computer is set to send-only, the phone to receive-only. On the phone the database-file may be changed by fault or by the app. So I don’t want to keep the version on the phone in any case. So setting the conflicts to 0 for this folder on the phone seems to solve the issue in this case. I hope I understand it correct.

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