Question : Share files with "people" ?

Hi ! First i would like to thanks all the team for this great software. Actually i was about to develop some similar software for cloning my documents and sharing my photos but i found this project.

Well, i would like to report some feedback and i have a tiny question.

Question first : the website states about sharing with “people” : "Synchronize as many folders as you need with different people." I have not seen anywhere how you manage a “people” account. Maybe i am missing something but (my feedback) in my humble opinion, syncthing is way to complicated to configure because of the lack of “people” account. For instance most of the people will have trouble understanding the concept of decentralized nodes.

I had imagined something more like creating a user account associated with a home directory share. then, when you configure syncthing on another device you just use the user’s qrcode/id instead of a bunch of shares that you have to configure one by one for each device.

By share i mean on demand sync (i know it’s another topic in the tracker) so you can access the whole directory without syncing gigabytes of data. Then you could select individuals folders in this very share to be truly synced. You could also share those folders with other “people”

As i am a software engineer, i can contribute to the ‘on demand sync’ for android if the board have decided something yet.



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There’s no “board” to decide anything. Syncthing is an open source project, and basically, any code that is written and deemed useful by maintainers will be merged.

There’s an issue for on demand sync on Android here:

It should be possible to implement this using the existing ignores feature. If you want to implement this, I suggest you figure out a basic concept and post it there, so we can discuss if it will work.

To have a folder with a sharing permission setting would be nice, When sharing permission is enabled, when syncthing realises that another device is out of sync, it will have a notification telling the user that Folder X has an update and the update will add/edit/remove the following files and folders and tell the user how big the files will be. The user can either accept or reject the request to sync the folder.

That doesn’t sound like Syncthing.