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i’ve installed syncthing on a raspberry and a laptop for my parents in law to sync their photographies. The sync between the laptop and the raspberry takes much times (60Go of files / 48h). I would like to remplace the raspberry by a new raspberry 3. I will install raspbian and syncthing again. all the photographies and the files are on a USB hard drive. After seting up the new device, can i just plug the USB hard drive and use the same configuration for the folders to sync ? Will it accelerate the sync process ?

If the USB drive is mounted in the same path and the same linux user is used for syncthing, that should work. You need to copy the config.xml, cert.pem and key.pem files from ~/.config/syncthing/. That way, the new pi will have the same ID as the old one and you don’t have to change anything on the laptop.

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As the RPi isn’t that powerfull, it might be wise to also copy the index folder, so the new one doesn’t have to scan / hash every file on first start.

Hi, i got the new Raspberry today and start the installation tonight. I just had a problem , i couldn’t access to the GUI… But after copying all the config files i have saved to the new device, GUI is accessible…

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