Question About Folder Permissions With Syncthing

Hi There! I am new to this Syncthing program, so please bare with me with this question as I couldn’t get an understanding of this from the documentation. I am trying to make a folder that only I as Folder Master can make edits to. Then I want to invite several people to be able to download the items in this folder, but not make changes. However, I noticed that, even though I invited my friend to the folder and checked the box to make myself Folder Master, he saw that same checkbox when he received my invitation to connect to the folder. So if he checks the folder master box as well, that, if I’m understanding this correctly, would make him a folder master too. If anyone can make themselves a folder master, then what’s the point of making myself the only one who can make changes when those people I invite can check the same box? Maybe I’m missing something, but an explanation would be appreciated. Thanks. From David

You can prevent your computer from accepting changes from them, using the “Master” flag. You can’t prevent them from doing the changes and syncing them among themselves, though.

So let me see if I understand you, then I have one more question: If I enable the master flag on a folder and invite people, any changes they make I can undo at any time, right? And if they enable the master flag on a folder I invite them to on their end, what can they do, and can I do anything about the changes they make even if they enable the master flag on their end when accepting my invitation to join a folder?

Whenever another device makes a change your folder master device will ignore the change and display an override button. If you override the change your device essentially tells the rest of the devices it has newer information than them and they sync back to it’s state.

2 conflicting masters could essentially continually override each other and cause the other nodes to repeatedly transmit the same data over and over.

This is why there is no way to make a master automatically override changes.

Is there also a button to accept the changes made if desired?

No, but there is a ticket for that, yet nobody interested enough to implement it.

Well I think that would make this product better if you could always accept changes if a particular user tries to keep making changes. Of course, you could just remove that person from the folder, but I think an accept changes would be good, so if someone does want to make a change, you can give them that one time permission to do so. Thank you for all the help.

Indeed. Audrius isn’t saying it wouldn’t make the product better, just that noone has made the effort to implement it yet. :wink:

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