Question about enabling a node that has not synched for a while


I have mix bunch of nodes like android, linux etc. I am using the 11 branch now. As far as I can tell the sync is ok in general except one interesting case in which I was using the 10.x branch with my all nodes.

This was when I was on 10.x branch so not sure if it is the same for 11.x. I had a node that has not synced for a while (couple months at least). So I ran ST on it. Well everything was fine except that the files that I deleted from the others when that node was offline for couple monhts, got copied back to others. I tend to think that ST would remember such deletetions, but in this case it did not. So what is the right behaviour in this situation? Should ST remember all the deleted files at all times, or should ST copy deleted files from a node that was offline for a while?


The deletions are remembered, but if the files have changed on the offline device in the meantime, they ought to be synced back.


That is the interesting part, I doubt that they have changed which I forgot to mention in my original post.

Would not be nice if there was a way to enable one time mirror option on the nodes? For example lets say I have anode that has not synced for a while and I want to make sure that it mirrors the rest of the gang. I check the “mirror others” option in the folder setup. That way one can really make sure that it gets the global state %100.

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