[Q] Possible to sync without storing files on the device?

hey i found syncthing a while ago. i got interested in it but i thought it was hard to use, but now i got it hehe. my question is, is it possible to sync cloud-like. like this: i have 2 android devices. can i use one of them like a cloud’‘server’’. so that on the other synced device could access the files like any other cloud. without having to have the files ‘‘physically?synced’’ on to it. so that it doesn’t take storage.

this app is genius I’m glad i found it. :smiley:

That’s the purpose of SyncthingLite. But i don’t know if it’s still maintained.

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ooh i see. the latest version syncthinglite on fdroid was released 2019-01-13 so i think it will work, I’ll try it. thank you :slight_smile:

The files still have to live somewhere, wether its one phone or the other.

i think everything is working as it should except when trying to upload files to the host. it just stays at 0%. but viewing and downloading through the app works at least for me :slight_smile: are you planning on fixing the upload feature?

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