Puller: "operation not supported"

I’m running syncthing on a Synology DS918+ NAS, and have a receive only folder on macos, which is writing to a network drive. The problem is at the mac end.

(I’m also syncing the same folder to another Synology DS918+ and that has completed the sync successfully).

It’s completed ~90% of the sync but now for every file I see this message in the log:

[HRXF4] 08:17:52 INFO: Puller (folder “Projects” (n--------n), file “EDITS/preproc_20190507/05_export/sessions/mat/1019_24m.mat”): sync /volumes/basis data archive/Luke/Projects/EDITS/preproc_20190507/05_export/sessions/mat/.syncthing.1019_24m.mat.tmp: operation not supported

The .tmp file it refers to does not exist.

I can find plenty of references on google to “operation not permitted”, but not “operation not supported”.

Would appreciate any help!


The “sync” operation in this case means that we’re asking the filesystem to flush data to disk for safety. That’s apparently not possible/supported over the network mount to your NAS.

However, I think it’s a bug that this fails the entire sync operation; it should, at most, warn once and then move on with life. If you feel like it, please file a bug on GitHub, otherwise I’ll try to remember to do so.

I filed it

Thank you very much, Jakob.

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