Puller: "operation not supported"

(Luke Mason) #1

I’m running syncthing on a Synology DS918+ NAS, and have a receive only folder on macos, which is writing to a network drive. The problem is at the mac end.

(I’m also syncing the same folder to another Synology DS918+ and that has completed the sync successfully).

It’s completed ~90% of the sync but now for every file I see this message in the log:

[HRXF4] 08:17:52 INFO: Puller (folder “Projects” (n--------n), file “EDITS/preproc_20190507/05_export/sessions/mat/1019_24m.mat”): sync /volumes/basis data archive/Luke/Projects/EDITS/preproc_20190507/05_export/sessions/mat/.syncthing.1019_24m.mat.tmp: operation not supported

The .tmp file it refers to does not exist.

I can find plenty of references on google to “operation not permitted”, but not “operation not supported”.

Would appreciate any help!


(Jakob Borg) #2

The “sync” operation in this case means that we’re asking the filesystem to flush data to disk for safety. That’s apparently not possible/supported over the network mount to your NAS.

However, I think it’s a bug that this fails the entire sync operation; it should, at most, warn once and then move on with life. If you feel like it, please file a bug on GitHub, otherwise I’ll try to remember to do so.

(Jakob Borg) #3

I filed it

(Luke Mason) #4

Thank you very much, Jakob.

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