Puller "insufficient space in basic" error, folder not syncing

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lately my to-be-synced folder is no longer synchronized (in one direction, it still works in the other direction).

I have set the log to “debug data for fs”.

In the log, lines like the following appear all the time [anonymized for privacy]:

[BANT3] 15:50:54 INFO: Puller (folder "MyFolder" (ab4cd-efgh), item "Netfolder\\some_long_path\\some_folder\\another_long_path\\abcdefg.JPG"): insufficient space in basic N:\Parent_Folder

The destination folder N:\Parent_Folder is located on a network drive that Windows specifies as “3.46 GB free of 874 GB”. That’s not much, but I don’t think that this value says much about the actual free space on the network drive anyway. On the C drive, approximately 60 of 240 GB are free.

Additionally, this line appears in the log:

[BANT3] 2019/06/28 20:17:56.429836 logfs.go:163: DEBUG: folder.go:282 basic C:\Portable Programme\SyncTrayzorPortable\data\syncthing\index-v0.14.0.db Usage . {68461248512 255414235136} <nil>

What could be the reason for this problem?

Many thanks

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Minimum free space by default is 1%. Seems like 3GB is less than 1% of 800GB.

I have already set the “Minimum Free Disk Space” setting to 1 KByte.

However, this setting does not affect the space on the folder to be synchronized anyway, only the space on the local hard disk where the index is located:

Minimum Free Disk Space: This setting controls the free space required on the home (i.e., index database) disk.”

This is in my case the C: drive on which 60 GB are free.

What else could be the reason for the above error message about insufficient disk space?

There’s also a minimum free disk space setting per folder.


Many thanks, will check that immediately

Okay, thanks again, that seems to have worked. Most of the files are now synchronized. However, I get a different error message for about two dozen of the files:

Failed Items

The following items could not be synchronised. They are retried automatically and will be synced when the error is resolved.

[BANT3] 16:52:22 INFO: Puller (folder “MyFolder” (ab4cd-efgh), item “Netfolder\some_long_path\some_folder\another_long_path\ ABCDEFG.PDF”): file modified but not rescanned; will try again later

The thing is that all those files already exist in the destination folder, but with file names like


Btw, can I somehow tell Sync to create these temporary ~syncthing~ files as hidden files in the sync target folder?

Okay found it. It was a case of “case-only rename of some directory”

So the only question left is how (or whether) it is possible to set Syncthing such that it creates temporary ~syncthing~ files as hidden files?

Temporary files are already hidden while open. Once finished they are unhidden and thus when the final operations fail, they stay unhidden - which is what happened in case of your case difference failures. They will be removed automatically after 24h.

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Thanks, very helpful

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