Pull: no available source device after changing capitalization of a file name

I have 3 Windows PCs synced and a couple of days ago I changed the capitalization of a file name. It was Interface.png and I changed it to interface.png. Now one of the PCs, which was off when I made the change on another PC, repeatedly shows the error message:

file “My Documents\…\Interface.png”): pull: no available source device

In the folder where the change was made a temp file (~syncthing~.Interface.png.tmp) is created.

I have restarted everything and it still shows the error message.

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Sounds worth an issue on github.

I have added an issue: https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/1743

Is there a way to manually fix it in the meantime?

You can delete the index folder from syncthings home directory from the PC that has trouble.

Ok, I tried that but the error message still comes up. I have verified that the index folder has been re-created. Could it be the other PCs that actually has the problem and telling the third PC to sync the file?

Case sensitive renaming on windows is broken, we are fixing this. The best way to deal with this atm is to rename the offending file.