Publish snap packags in the Ubuntu store

(Leo Arias) #21

Well, both I think. Like explain what’s syncthing, why is it better than cloud sync. And how is it useful for you to be in the official store without going through the debian and ubuntu archives, and to be able to release on your own timeline that doesn’t adjust to the 6 months cycle.

But that’s what I find relevant. It’s your post, whatever you find relevant it’s going to be interesting.

(Leo Arias) #22

@calmh I sent you an email earlier in the month to talk about the post. I’m not sure if I got the wrong email address, or if you haven’t had a chance to read it.

If you didn’t receive it, please send me an email to to get your right address.

pura vida.

(Jakob Borg) #23

Yes, got it. Started working on it, but got sidetracked. Still have it somewhere in mind. :slight_smile:

(Frank) #24

found this thread as i finally identified snap install as cause for my problems. Seems this needs som work…

For reference: Add folder on Ubuntu 16.04 - get : folder path missing


(Jakob Borg) #25

Snaps are a specific thing, and do things differently than some other package managers. That includes sandboxing and different paths for configuration, etc. This is per (snap) design, I think we’ve done what is appropriate in following it. (Snap specific documentation would be fine of course, someone just has has to write it then.)