Protocol of copied/syncronized files


Is there a protocol of copied/syncronized files?


Your question makes no sense. What are you trying to do?

well, I wanna see, what files are been synchronized. Why does that make no sense?

The word protocol has no meaning in that sentence. The word list makes more sense.

On the receiving side, in the web ui, you can click on out of sync text which will open a detailed view of files that are being downloaded.

does this work for sync in both directions? Or only if you have a folder master

Please read the docs.

I did, cant find anything with “out of sync”

Your follow up question atleast to me does not seem to be related to your first question. The general principle how syncthing is described in the docs. The list of out of sync items is only visible on the receiving device, regardless if its a master folder or not.

but if the sync goes in both directions, both sites should be receiving sites, right? However, I could not find anything in the settings with “out of sync”

I think the question is if there is a history of files synced, not what currently is. Answer: no, currently not, at least not in a nice format.

ok, thanks, that was the right answer :wink:

I think I understand the confusion here and why I instantly understood it: “protocol” translated to german (probably also in other languages) has at least two meanings, one of them makes sense in the question (something like record), the other one does not…

If I remember correctly, running "syncthing --audit" does write a log containing the downloaded files. It probably logs even more. Sorry, I have no time to test that rightnow.

Also, if your only interested in what has been downloaded these past minutes (and you run windows), give synctrayzor a try, which gives you a dropbox-like interface in the icon area.

If you search in the audit log for the string “filenames”, Now (as of v0.12.7) it does list the names of files being received by a client. And of course each line is time-stamped so you will know when.

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