Proposal to modify the operating conditions of Syncthing for android

Among the General Settings of Syncthing for android under “Operating conditions” there is the entry: “Run when device is powered by”: here you can select “Mains and battery”, “Mains”, “Battery”.

This option leaves the user to decide what is more a priority: limiting battery consumption by delaying synchronization, or a quick synchronization at the expense of electricity consumption and therefore the autonomy of the device.

Unless I have not misinterpreted the philosophy of Shinthing, I would like to suggest to scale this option at the object level, that is, to make it possible to select a different operating setting for each object.

The reason for this capillary modification is intuitive: for some objects an immediate synchronization may not be necessary and energy saving is more important, for other objects a quick synchronization may be necessary, to the detriment of the power consumption in case of battery operation.

I hope I explained myself.

Could it be feasible?