proper network architecture

What would be the correct way to setup a network with no centralized storage, 3 computers and a network access storage. My doubt is should I sync the 3 computers to the NAS, or have all computers sync between themselves? Thanks

Either way works.

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Thanks, but that was not my point, I know either way works, but it is not the same if 1, 2 and 3 talk only to the NAS, OR, if they all talk between themselves and the NAS. In the first scenario if the NAS is down and you modify the same file from two different location… well, that’s going to be the problem. So, my question goes more in the line of “does it matter if I sync all 3 computers and the NAS between themselves”?

You’ll just end up with a conflict file.

Yes, it’s better to connect directly with all N nodes and vica versa up to some number of N.

Connecting with a device is not free, so at some point, when N is large, it starts making sense to break some of the connections apart.

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