process of check out where's the problem

windows1: send only. windows2: send only. Android: receive only windows use FreeFileSync to sync, Android just receive from windows1 or windows2. I don’t want see sync-conflict files at both side sync not worked, is this the process to check out the problem? thanks a lot!!

  1. check both to :white_check_mark: share to each other.
  2. check device is on connect: ①how to check this?
  3. check sender has got the event of file updated: ②how to check? ③click rescan will make this step done?
  4. check receiver has got the event from sender: ④how to check this step done?
  5. check the log: where-are-the-syncthing-logs
  6. other deal:⑤how to avoid of creating sync-conflict files.

I wish processes like this can be found at faq. Best Regards!!

Can you show full screenshots of the Web GUI from all devices? On Android, you can access the Web GUI using the left slide-out menu. (860.7 KB) Thanks!! here is the screenshots. When I get screenshots, I see there is mistakes in Android, I didn’t do anything to it some hours. maybe sysc-conflict files is because windows1 and windows2? windows file is sync by FreeFileSync, will this make conflict?

Yeah, so on Android, your folders are basically stopped because the folder marker (.stfolder) is missing. Do you use any kind of system cleanup software? That is often known to delete empty folders which may include .stfolder. Basically, .stfolder is a safety mechanism and needs to be present in order for Syncthing to consider the folder for synchronisation. In other words, if you (or other software) delete .stfolder, the synchronisation stops.

Please set the folders on Android to “Receive Only”, then recreate .stfolder manually (e.g. using a file explorer or from the command line using ADB if you know what you’re doing), then try to sync them again.

Also, please make sure that your Syncthing on Android is the newest available version. The same applies to the desktop release which you should definitely upgrade to v1.22.2 (because there were known bugs that could cause potential file conflicts in versions v1.22 and v1.22.1).

In sum,

  1. On Android, set all folders to “Receive Only”, recreate .stfolder manually, upgrade Syncthing if needed.
  2. On Windows, upgrade Syncthing.
  3. See what happens, and if there are still problems, please share new screenshots.

I’m going to try this a few days: remove windows2, only sync between windows1 and Android. this should be OK. missing .stfolder is an accident, just omit it.

I’m very puzzled in my process, that’s very important for me. so I can know what’s the problem. It’s so kind of you, thanks very much.

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