Problem with syncing to/from an external harddisk

Here’s the set up that I’m trying to get working (the computers involved are Macs running v.0.11.2):

Computer A: the synced folder is on the internal harddisk

Computer B: the synced folder is on an external harddisk which I attach from time to time

While the external harddisk is attached, everything works fine. But once I detach it, the following happens:

(i) I detach the harddisk on B. (ii) I delete files on A. (iii) I re-attach the harddisk on B. (iv) The files reappear on A, rather than that they are deleted on B.

Is this a bug or intended behaviour? What puzzles me about this is that this would not have happened (I presumse) if I had instead shut down B before deleting the files.

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

Try setting A as Folder Master , in the configuration.

There could be a bug here related to the stopping and restarting of the folder that happens when you detach and reattach the disk. It’s not extensively tested.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, but I would like to be able to change files on both sides (e.g. when I’m travelling and just taking the laptop with the external harddisk).

Thanks for the info! Is there anything I could do to help with this (e.g. submit a bug report, provide you with some debug info)? But I can understand if this is not high on the list of priorities.

No lower than anything else. :wink: Yes, thank you, you can. Since this is a reproducible thing, posting a bug ticket with the information and the output of (to start with) syncthing -verbose from the side with the removable disk would be helpful. It’s important that the log contains the whole time from when the disk is attached and all is well, though the remove and reattach and badness occurring.