Problem with Folder Master

Hello, this is my first post, so I would also like to thank you for this great program!

Here’s my current problem, I have:

A. “Camera” folder on my android as a master folder

B. A PC.

If I delete a file from B this will never come back when syncing, Camera folder B displays 100% but in the right column the device listed (A) gets stuck on “Syncing 100%” and never gets “Up to date”.

Why is this happening? Is this a bug or a feature?

Thank you for your help.

Your description is not clear, what is A and what is B, as I see them repeated multiple times, amd it’s not clear who is master and who deletes stuff.

I tried what I think you meant (delete the file on the non-master side), but I can’t reproduce the above status. I get a red “out of sync” on the master side (which is correct) and everything else being “up to date”.

Sorry, seems like my text formatting went out… It was:

A. “Camera” folder on my android as a master folder

B. A PC.

Master is A (my android phone), what I’m trying to archeive is a simple mirror folder of what’s into my phone camera folder. Could be a windows 10 issue?

you need to press “override” on A to get all files back to B. I would also like this to happen automatically, but I understand all pros/cons). On Syncthing Android you need to use the web GUI for this, the “override” button is currently not implemented (see #396). I don’t know if Syncthing Silk for Android already has it.

yes silk version has it

Yeah, basically you need to override on the master to make its state current again.

am I wrong or hasn’t there been a discussion about the wording of the “override” button in the past? oO

Ok thank you for clarification. If fact, there is no override button and syncthing silk makes my phone freeze + reboot, so… I’ll wait for now :blush:

Thank you!

You can still access the web ui on the phone, via the phones browser.

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in the android app there is also a button for the GUI in the menu