Problem when moving complete folder

I use syncthing between windows PC’s and freebsd/ZFS snapshotting archive where the windos PC’s are source only.

After I moved a large subfolder I started to get “out of sync” and the log contains a lot of these messages on the freebsd archive system

[A7DIW] 17:20:23 INFO: Puller (folder “ErikPhilipsHome”, dir “Cambridge”): delete: remove /tank/syncthing/ErikPhilipsHome/Cambridge: directory not empty

The colder Cambridge was moved to another drive on the PC and now freebasd system seems confused. On the windows system the progress bar of the freebsd system stay’s forever at 100% The item count on the two systems differs 13 items

What to do?

Search the forums, and issue tracker, this has been answered before I believe.

If its still unclear, let us know.

Seems related to issue #114 No solution yet

I don’t think so. I think it’s todo with ignored files.

Here is what happened and how to solve a problem

Computer A is one way synced to computer B. Computer B has rescan interval set to 0 (zero) as there never will be any changes originating on computer B

They are in sync.

Now some additional files are ignored by extending the set of ignored files on computer A

Sync complete

A complete subfolder on computer A is moved out of the sync folder structure.

You observe on computer A that the syncing with computer B does not complete but stay’s stuck at 100%

You observe at computer B the “out of sync” message and a list of items that are not synced, all of them are folder names located in the folder structure that is moved out of the synced folder structure.

The solution is to manually scan for files on Computer B inside the to be deleted folder structure that fit within the set of ignored files as these do NOT (all?) automatically get deleted. Once these “ignore” files are deleted the remaining folders of the to be deleted folder structure are automatically deleted and everything is back in sync.

Ignored files are not automatically deleted, as they could be ignored because they are too sensitive to sync, rather than being garbage.

Maybe good to add a reminder or document somewhere that if you have ignored files you can run into sync problems (“out of sync” message and sync stuck at 100%) when you delete an entire folder (tree) and add how this manually can be solved I made a proposal for an added paragraph of the documentation on ignored files

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