Problem relays

Bonjour à tous,

voilà ça fait 1 semaine que je galère a chercher une solution a l’installation de Syncthing, rien ne bouge meme en le laissant 1 nuit a travailler.

les ouverture de port sont faites en automatique (upnp IGD) et manuelle.

voila l’extrait du ssh en cour qui n’avance toujours pas Syncthing.rtf (2.4 KB)

merci pour votre aide

Please write in English.

The log just shows a default setup of Syncthing running as it should. As you mention ssh, I can guess you want to access the web UI from remote. If that’s the case you need to change the listening address from localhost to (or use ssh port forwarding instead).

Hello, thank you for your answer,

no I have no access to localhost or, the configuration is blocked at the relay level :frowning:

I don’t understand what that means. As I said the logs look perfectly normal. Please explain what you do, what you expect to happen and what happens differently (and add screenshots where applicable).

This is a bit unusual:

D2COO] 09:45:32 INFO: quic:// resolved external address quic:// (via
[D2COO] 09:45:34 INFO: New NAT port mapping: external TCP address to local address

thank you, actually I did not understand how it worked :slight_smile: all came back in order thank you :slight_smile:

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