Problem registering on discovery servers

[YYY] 2016/01/29 14:28:04 global.go:150: DEBUG: globalClient.Lookup 404 Not Found

404 Not Found means the device you’re looking for is not found on the server in question.

Ah okay then :slight_smile: So discovery has broken for another reason then. I’ll crank up STTRACE and try again.

and 500 Internal Server Error? :slight_smile:

[AA] 2016/01/29 15:24:07 global.go:228: DEBUG: Announcement: {"direct":["tcp://:22000"],"relays":[{"url":"relay://\u0026pingInterval=1m0s\u0026networkTimeout=2m0s\u0026sessionLimitBps=0\u0026globalLimitBps=0\u0026statusAddr=:22070\ - a syncthing fan - support open source","latency":20}]}
[AA] 2016/01/29 15:24:07 global.go:237: DEBUG: announce POST: 500 Internal Server Error
[AA] 2016/01/29 15:24:07 global.go:241: DEBUG: announce POST: 500 Internal Server Error
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That means we have a bug. Hang on…

The relay descriptor has grown rather longer than it was when I set up this database schema…

handleAnnounce: pq: value too long for type character varying(256)

Fixed on discovery-1, I’ll update the other two shortly.

Thanks! How come only I had a problem?

Should probably put a limit in relaysrv and relaypoolsrv (as well)?

I’m pretty sure everyone had a problem, but you seem to have chosen a relay with an unusually long description…

Lucky me!

We may want to put a reasonable length limit on at least the description field, yes. doesn’t show any with unreasonably long descriptions? There are a few in the 70-odd character range, nothing up to 256 (unless Go or the DB are using UTF-32 or something?)

jpjp’s relay url above is 222 characters as printed, with the ID and IP redacted. The full URL is what is announced and stored. We would hardly need to store the description, obviously, but it’s taken verbatim as is currently.

Aah gotcha

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