Problem recognizing previously ignored files

(Syncthing 0.10) I’ve been adding and removing patterns to one of my repo’s .stignore and realized that previously ignored files are not recognized once again after I removed their patterns from .stignore and tried [Rescan] or restarting service.

There is also no mention of total # of ignored files. I’m basing my claim by looking at the “Global/Local state” which is showing “3 files” while there needs to be much more.

That shouldn’t happen… I could see there being a bug with it remembering the ignore patterns when just doing a rescan (theoretically), but the ignore patterns aren’t saved anywhere so a full restart should definitely clear out any notion of them having been ignored.

Syncthing doesn’t know about those files at all, so it doesn’t know how many they are either.

I thought so too. I stopped the other devices. Restarted the device that owns the repo, and still it’s not recognizing those previously ignored files.

When I rename one of those mistakenly ignored folders, I immediately see ‘50 files’ are suddenly recognized. When I rename it back to its original name, it’s ignored again, back to ‘3 files’.

The only way Syncthing recognizes them is if I completely empty the .stignore file. As soon as I add even one single character in it, everything is ignored again. This definitely feels like it’s cached somewhere…

That’s really odd. Would you mind filing an issue on it in the github issue tracker so it’s not missed / forgotten?

Hehe. I tried pasting just the issue link, and discourse formats it as a nice “issue card”, but when I try to submit it, discourse says: “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”

Anyways, here it is: Issue #816

Yeah, the forum views links from newcomers with suspicion and that sounds a bit buggy. That restriction is lifted pretty quickly though. Thanks for the report!