preserve full path on the receiving device with autoaccept "on"

Hello everyone, I’m trying to replicate the same entry point for a folder shared among multiple devices, according to the manual the folder set tries to match the label, if this is not working then falls back to the id.

I have this condition: DEVICE1 = {base_folder}/foo/bar/my_folder

on DEVICE2 when I auto-approve the folder I get this as the result: DEVICE2 = {base_folder}/“foo bar my_folder”

if I do the approval manually I get the result I’m expecting: DEVICE1 = {base_folder}/foo/bar/my_folder

Is there any way to get the wanted path with the auto-approval? Is there any setting I should modify? Any config I should change?

Thanks a lot in advance

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That’s not possible. There was a similar request in the past, and it was rejected (see Nothing has changed since then.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback, I checked the GitHub issue and makes total sense, then I’ll have to investigate how to programmatically make it happen. thanks again, best Francesco

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