Potential bug with pending device request


I’ve set-up a fresh test environment and was able to reproduce a problem.

  • device A: Win10x64 - Syncthing_v1.12.1.exe
  • device B: Win10x64 - Syncthing_v1.13.1.exe
  • connections configured to allow global discovery and relaying only. (Local is also enabled, but they are not on the same network)

device A tries to connect to device B. Both display in the log “Joined relay xxxx”. But B never gets the “device wants to connect. Add new device?” popup on its web interface. I’ve restarted the instances - did not work.

I’ve then upgraded device A to Syncthing_v1.13.1.exe without changing any config → immediately worked. Device B showed the notification almost instantly after device A’s log said “Joined relay xxx.”

I just want to let you know. No urgent looking into the issue or bugfix required as it is fix-able via upgrading Syncthing to v1.13.1.

Kind regards,



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