Post-hoc add shared folder from remote machine

Hello, and sorry if I’m missing something evident.

When I create a folder, I see I can add it to known remote machines right away. I also see, in the general settings, that I can automatically receive folders from certain machines when they’re created remotely.

Let’s assume I don’t want to share anything proactively. I’m missing an easy way of adding a remote folder, from an already known machine, so it starts to sync locally (for example if I have disabled the automatic addition mentioned above).

Is this not supported for security/privacy reasons? I can think only of remotely accessing the machine holding the folder, and sharing from there. This is also somewhat inconvenient if I have a bunch of folders to select.

I hope I have explained myself, thanks for your advice.

You cannot control a remote instance from a local instance.

If you want to be able to control it remotely, expose the GUI over the internet or via ssh tunnel and control it that way.

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