Possible to skip subfolder which is a bind-mount?


Despite my readings and searchs, I couldn’t determine what would the behavior of Syncthing if in my shared folder a subfolder is actually a bind-mount. Will Synchting sync its content as if it was a normal folder, will it skip it, etc.? Also, is there any way to change that behavior?

What I would like to do is to avoid to sync its content. Is that possible?

Thank for your help and Best Wishes for 2021!

Bind-mounts will be synchronized fully. You cannot change that, but you can ignore specific files/folders.

Thank you @wweich. Do you know what’s about for symbolic links toward folders?

For Windows, there is also the new advanced setting junctionsAsDirs regarding folder junctions, but it is apparently not documented yet.

Symlinks are not followed

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