Possible to setup chained sync?

Here’s what I want to achieve:

  1. Mobile device source, that has a send-only folder.

  2. Master storage, that receives any new files or updates from the mobile device and only the mobile device.

  3. Multiple slaves, that receive files from master.

  4. Deleting files on mobile device should not propagate to master.

  5. No changes from slaves should propagate to master (this one is easy with receive-only folder).

  6. I could not accidentally connect a slave and have it push changes back to master.

How can I set up master (and maybe the mobile device) so that 2, 4, and 6 were fulfilled?

Without going into details, this is not really how the program works. Syncthing is all about decentralised synchronisation, which means that there are no “masters” or “slaves”. All devices are basically equal, and there is no central management that would dictate how other devices should work.

That said, your explanation is somewhat vague though. Have you actually tried to set Syncthing up the way you would like it work? If not, then I would suggest to give it a try with a test configuration first, and then see whether it can perform the task at hand, or not.

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