Possible to exclude files based on TIME/DATE?

Trying to upload photos from Android directly to PC/Windows 10… need a way to “filter” or exclude files based on TIME/date. For example, all photos from DEC into DEC folder, or all images from 2023 to 2023 folder, and those taken from 2024 to 2024 folder (on the PC).

on the android device all images are in a single “Camera” folder, needing a way to sync/filter with TIME element taken into consideration, is that possible?

Tried to delete the 2023 folder and create a 2024 but all the 2023 images are also uploaded to the 2024 - need a way to tell it to process only certain files (based on time/date).


No, sorry, you will need to use another tool to organize the photos first.

Thanks @calmh

  1. would that be considered as a valid “feature” to ask, i.e. exclude/include based on TIMESTAMP/date/year, anything before/after is included/excluded? sounds simple enough to implement given that users are responsible to keep clocks in-sync, etc.

  2. You mean organize photos-first (on the android) copy/move to another folder before syncthing can copy to PC, that would duplicate (copy) space, or disable camera from viewing these photos (in case of moving files on android), not very useful…

  3. only way I figure is to upload all Camera files to one central folder on the PC, then COPY (and leave in main folder so they don’t get re-copied) to correct folder on PC, but that again results in duplicate space on the PC side, which is less of an issue, still, we’re talking about few GB…

Any help, tips, possibly on any other solution for this seemingly simple issue, now that google photos pretty much blocked access without monthly payments :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

lets say there’s a folder with 10000 files, but only want to sync the ones from 2024 onwards, not ALL files, just after certain date… then one could set up several such syncs and it would work seemlessly and not cause duplications.

No. It’s been discussed previously here on the forum, there are annoyances and difficulties with doing that which makes it a bad idea in my opinion.

ok, understood…

Is there anyone with more real-world experience, aware of a workaround without duplication of space?

Or, a simple android/to PC/Windows file synching program/option with ability to do timestamp filtering, even just by YEAR, any 2023, goes to folder A any 2024 to folder B… given that the android is producing them in a single directory…

Not sure how your files are named, but at least on Android, images and videos are usually automatically named something like IMG_20240111_083000 or VID_20240111_083000, which includes the date that you can then use in your ignore patterns in Syncthing (e.g. IMG_2024*.jpg, etc.).

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Ever thought about using a real photo management software on the PC, that doesn’t care about the file names or folder structure, but displays your pictures nicely grouped by whatever timespan you select? Filtering, tagging, grouping by events… all possible if you detach yourself from the idea that the underlying JPEG files need to be structured in a specific folder pattern. Basically that’s what the gallery app on your phone does as well.

Or another idea: What’s wrong with simply sorting your folder structure on the PC with some tool, and let them sync back to the phone? Won’t the pictures show up there just the same?

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@tomasz86 simply put : BRILLIANT!! took time to experiment few days, and it seems to work, used:


to only consider 2024 files, and indeed, only these get copied.

@acolomb thanks, the drill here/puzzle is to COPY images taken on the mobile phone (android) and “sync” (copy) them to appropriate/separate folders on the PC based on date, and separate video/images, that is job for Syncthing, which is why we are here discussing. AFTER that copy is completed, once the images are on the PC, then we definitely can use any photo images to manage/handle/process them, but that is not the topic of this thread, only the COPY/synching, from phone to PC (not the other way around, this is one way sync).

Pretty sure this will work, just need to create several of these filters/folders, so far looks ok. thanks for the help friends!!

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