Possible Duplicate Files

I have to say, I am completely amazed at the power of Syncthing! We are currently synchronizing 3.2 million files between 6 servers. I am only seeing one issue thus far.

Here is my situation: For simplicity, lets just say our system consists of 3 servers (A-B-C) B and C are connected to A but not to each other. The shared folders on all 3 servers are configured for send and receive (Necessary for our implementation) When all servers are on-line, if a file name is changed on any of the three servers, that change is propagated to all of the other servers. (After all, this is what we want) However, if a file name is changed while one of the servers is off-line, I end up having 2 files on all of the servers (One file with the new name and one file with the old name) after turning on the server that was previously off-line. Is there any way to implement a transaction log with a checksum for all servers involved that would make sure that all missed transactions are performed when the off-line server returns to an on-line state?

Thanks so much for an absolutely AMAZING product!

Lee Coleman

Syncthing is not transactional, so there is no transactions per-se. The only reason syncthing would end up reviving the old file is if the file was modified (or even touched) on the offline device while it was offline.

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