Poll: Use case for mobile sync app?

Another vote for kepassxc db (pc and laptop) and keepass2android (phone).

I have a folder with files regarding my personal and financial information (from passport scans to utility payment receipts, this kind of stuff) that I sync with my phone bidirectionaly. I travel for work a fair amount, and often find myself having to send scans of my last visas to the company managing my next trip nad new visa while I’m away from the PC, so that’s where it comes most handy. Other than that, it’s too much hassle to plug in USB, so there’s a separate folder just for file transfers between phone and PC.

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  • keepass as well
  • gpx files

I’d like to backup my phone photos to my home pc (without warnings about being out of sync when I remove them from the sync folder on my pc).

I’d like to access everything on my home pc from my phone if I need to - without a phone-hot-making energy-taking i-dont-have-the-space-anyway full sync.

Great idea!! please bring syncthing to IOS.

another donation just made to the team to keep them motivated and feel rewarded. Great job with this platform.


What do I use Syncthing Android for? Lots of things:

  • I sync my Pimlical calendar between my phone and a folder on my desktop so I can have a “cloudless” calendar.
  • I sync various folders with notes as “cloudless” Evernote replacement.
  • I sync the phone’s pictures/video to two laptops and a server.
  • I sync my todo.txt folder so I can use it with Simpletask Cloudless and keep track of my tasks.
  • I sync music from my laptop to my phone.
  • I sync .d64 files from my laptop to my phone for use with the Frodo 64 Commodore 64 emulator (games)
  • I sync a movies folder to an SD card on my tablet so my kids have something to watch when there’s no connection.

I also have an iPad I don’t use very much beyond web browsing because it requires the cloud for everything. I would love to have Syncthing on that device.

+1 for KeepassXC db, backup (oops! sync) for WhatsApp and Signal, plus 1.5GB of docs and pics. (All sync’ed to internal storage of Nexus 5X and old Nexus 7, 2013, shared between three occasional Linux laptops and always-on Raspberry PI-3.) Works great, thanks to devs/maintainers.

I’m using it on android for

  • keepass
  • simple notes app
  • filtered NAS music collection -> phone
  • WhatsApp Media -> NAS for easy access from Laptop/PC
  • /Downloads-folder synced to all other devices (tablets, phones)
  • some ‘/etc’ folder filled with ‘configs & things’ to have on all mobile devices
  • a complete daily ‘find -ls’ of my NAS to feed aGrep on phones

Number one and “I’ll die, if it’s gone”: Sync of ‘/storage/emulated/0/DCIM’ to NAS and work-PC and laptop. I take a picture with the phone, start up thunderbird and immediately attach the picture from the local (synced) disk folder.

Another “Yeeeha, that’s what I call effective”: Syncing all %PROFILE%/Downloads and /home/user/Downloads folders of all Laptops and Workstations I work on. I download some “waterfox-install.exe” on work, walk home and find it already in my Downloads folder on my laptop. Be it linux or windows, they all ‘share’ the same folder. Perrrfect!

Reading thru this - can’t help but think there is a huge opportunity for millions of users to break free from Google’s ecosystem that syncs our calendars, task lists, and contacts, but mines the data for its own commercial benefit.

Perhaps one day, somebody will package a set of multi-platform applications that use Syncthing as the engine to privately harmonize all data.

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As long as the existing Android ‘App’ fails to sync from the External Memory (i.e. the SD card) I can’t seem to find any use for it.

In addition to backing up my pictures and sharing other files like documents with my laptop I’ve got two additional use cases. One I’m already using it for and one I’d love to use it for:

When the selective sync feature will be implemented I’ll use it to download movies and series from my servers to watch on the go - currently the folders are way too big to actually sync to a phone and I only need them temporarily on the phone. Basically all the ~20 friends I’ve introduced ST to are waiting for selective sync for this exact use case btw.

The second one is backing up adb backups and titanium backup files as part of an automated backup solution.

I use it as Whatsapp and Telegram Backup tool too. Otherwise, i will use receive only folder on the phone a lot since i manage my music, videos, work videos and just want them to be ready on my phone when i need them. Business videos from my workstation -> phone -> can show them in meetings -> receive only is perfect.

Looks like a great application, but all my mobile devices are iOS, so I haven’t been able to check it out yet. If there is ever a need to beta test an iOS app, I’d love to help

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I currently use it for editing Org mode files and listening to Audiobooks from Archive.org. There is no other app that can do what ST mobile can do.

Edit: I’m loving the ideas shown here. I might have to start using ST mobile for more!

If Syncthing was on iOS could get rid of Nextcloud and webdav.

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Maybe my needs are too simple. I’m working on using Syncthing instead of Google Drive and/or Dropbox as their clients aren’t very well supported on Linux.

All I really would like is what I do with those respective iOS apps, that is browse and download my files from my iOS device when I really need to access a document remotely.

My work around now is I have 2 shared folders. One that doesn’t contain too much private data, that I then rclone up to Google Drive so I can access it on the go.

Note that I suppose I could get by with an sftp client to one of my machines as well, but I’m trying to run everything through my own private relay to avoid having to port forward at my firewall.

2 uses cases: 1/Personal: as a techy, keypass, notes/howtos are the most mobile-needed usages. As we already have mobile SSH app and browser, we can serve customers from anywhere if we have the mobile and a small signal, but we need to keep in sync with the team, securely, and seamlessly. 2/ For customers: as a service provider, we need to serve people in the media and digital industries who love to take videos or photos on the go and share them privately. It’s cool if ST can be that solution and be funded by these industries. They mostly use iPhone…