[Poll] Android: Open folder button and file managers

We are trying to understand what does the community wants related to opening a folder (folder icon on each line in “Folders” tab) in a file manager.

Take in mind, that in Android 7 it will be painfully hard to implement file manager open in a specified path, because Android is moving along the path to abstract user from file system as much as it can.

Is your favorite file manager supported by “Open folder” button in the app?

  • Yes
  • No (also if you don’t use file managers)
  • I don’t care

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Would you mind if “Open folder” button will open internal file manager instead of trying to find supported in your system?

  • Yes (I against this idea, want to use my external file manager and it’s supported now)
  • No
  • I don’t care

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This is an Android specific question, right? Otherwise I’m confused. :slight_smile:

Sure, forgot to mention :).

App still fully crashes when hitting the button. I use Total Commander only. As long as there is no crash, I’m happy not to be using a supported file manager.

Yes, this is a warning from Android 7 so we dont share folder paths directly with other apps. We can disable that warning, or work around it (eg with the internal file manager).