Policy to Sync an important but huge folder across multiple devices with different scenarios

I have a big folder (~200 GB) which I daily work on (aka change). I’ve multiple machines. On one of these machines I have full sync and on another I have only send-only (and receive-only on target device) scenario.

However, my problem are two things:

  1. On different devices I like to have different ignore patterns. I can enforce this on the target machine but is there a way to have ingorepatterns (.stignore) per scenario than per folder. For example in my case I have multiple scenario defined our same folder.

  2. I like to have send and receive scenario but I a bit afraid of possible conflict or corruption of data. So I create send-only or receive only just to make sure nothing will be lost. Is there a reliable approach to make the process more corruption proof? Any suggestion? One note, I use a lot of git folders as well.

I don’t know what you mean by “per scenario”, but ignore patterns are per-folder and local to the machine where you create them.

Syncing git folders is not a good idea. Use git to sync git folders. Not doing so will, at some point, corrupt those git folders.

Apart from that you have found the receive only and send only options, and those are your building blocks. Syncthing takes great care to not corrupt files regardless of which mode you work in.


By “per scenario” I just meant “syncthing folder” (which is defined in web GUI) and it can be different than physical directory.

I know git is not a good idea and that’s the reason I try to sync with Github as well but I have a workspace folder and many git repo are in that workspace folder. I need to sync this folder across different devices as I work in different locations (consider, home, work, laptop, lab, etc). That why I asked for the best practice.

While having send-only and receive only case is safer (as I understand), it’s incontinent as my idea case is to stop working on home and continue the work on laptop, etc… for this scenario send-and-receive fit but it doesn’t seem reliable.

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