please tell me I am a dumbass

So I just found Syncthing on a reddit post, and I want to try to get it to sync a folder between three systems. I’m going to set it up and I find I need to type in this insanely long device id string from one computer onto the other computer to teach them about one another. Okay, great, I get it. So I go find the device id on computer 2 and… there’s no way to copy it to the clipboard? I have to type this thing in manually? Oh great there’s a QR code which I can use on my phone to capture the text and then email myself the device-id from my phone to my email on my computer so I can then cut it out of my email back into the syncthing gui? why can’t I just cut it from the damn browser window and paste it into the other browser window?

Someone please tell me I am an incredible dumbass and missing something rather obvious and such a simple necessary function in this software (copying the device id) isn’t an oversight or worse purposely missing?

I wouldn’t say you’re a dumbass (absent more proof), but I always copy and paste the device IDs, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever typed one in the last decade-ish of using Syncthing. That seems like a cumbersome and annoying thing to do.

Can you show a screenshot/video of what exactly is happening? You should be able to select and copy and ID in the browser normally, unless you’re using Internet Explorer (or possibly another old/outdated browser), as copying is indeed broken there.

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