please reopen issue #8096

i cant explain it much better then i did in my personal mail to him:

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Audrius Butkevicius,


you see that i dont open an issue for fun but because its bugging me, so please reopen the issue for discussion and not just close it for good based on your humble opinion, i am a hard working member of the society to and telling me what to download and where to put is would be to much work if you dont want to check and maybe rewrite your grate code

please reopen my issue,

thanks a lot

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btw i had included the full transcript but your sysem mistakes mail addresses as links and is bugging me with:

Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.

and if i am still allowed to post links, here just for your convenience : problems with autoupdate and company firewalls · Issue #8096 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub

I think the maintainers agree that the problem is for you to solve with your network people.

If you can’t, then upgrading manually is the way forward.

We are not going to add iframes or any other crazy things like that, so I think it stays closed.

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Clearly no special mechanism are needed when you can just download the binary, replace it on disk and restart Syncthing. What @bt90 suggested seems like a reasonable ask to me (though about as low priority as it goes):

we could improve the warning though and maybe link to the download page.


yea please do so but i still need a way to update to that version then…

btw, why are you using a not well working microsoft system to handle your malings? Undeliverable Re [Syncthing Community Forum] [Support] please reopen issue #8096 2022-01-05T18_06_27+00 00.eml (87.0 KB) Re [Syncthing Community Forum] [Support] please reopen issue #8096 2022-01-05T18_06_23+00 00.eml (10.0 KB)

You can go to releases in github, download latest version, replace the old executable.


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