Pi - Ready to Synchronise (rw) delays


I’m using Syncthing on my RasPi B Model 2 which also acts as my main fileserver - it’s a great tool! I’ve started to sync my iTunes library over it as its much better than Samba for a 800GB Folder with my unreliable wifi router.

One thing I’ve started to notice, when you reach around the 400GB mark in multiple shared folders, is that particularly with the ARM build, starting Syncthing can take 20, 30 minutes or longer before even the HTTP interface is available.

Is there any way of moving the start of the HTTP server to before the ‘initial scan (rw)’? If you’ve got gigs of data in folders and running as a daemon on boot, there’s no way to tell for a while if everything has started okay as it’ll still be scanning with no UI.

I think there already is a ticket for that on github.

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I think those are subtly different - initial scan vs startup. I’m not sure why it takes this long really, but what happens before the “ready to synchronize” step is that the database is iterated over and file sizes are summed. This is what used to happen rather frequently to feed the GUI with size data, so I’m guessing on these boxes the UI was pretty much unusable before? What happens now is we sum it once at startup, and then just keep track of that sum through all the changes afterwards.