Personal speed limit to every single shares

Hello! Can anybody add the opportunity to set the speed limit only for some shares, not only for all of it? I’d like to reduce speed for shares that syncing through internet, but don’t want to limit the speed for local-syncing shares. Can you make it real?

p.s. sorry for my English :smile:

Syncthing normally only limits internet connections and no LAN connections.

Check the advanced settings in the WebUI (“Actions” -> “Advanced”). There inside the group “Options” should be a setting called “limitBandwidthInLan” which should be unchecked.

If the setting is correct, then for some reason your syncthing thinks the local connections are internet connections. AFAIK that can happen, if you have different networks for wired LAN and Wifi or something similar.

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We can’t really do that as all shares use the same connection.

Got it, thank you for your help!