Permissions problem on windows folders?

Hi, all.

I have setup two machines syncing, and have successfully synced one directory. It shows up as green ‘Up to Date’ on the gui in both nodes.

I am trying to setup a second directory, but no matter what I do on one of the nodes, it shows up as purple ‘Unknown’, and the log shows something like the following on the failing node:

[XXXX] 18:16:31 INFO: Update for unexpected folder ID “Files” sent from device “AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD-EEEE-FFFF-GGGG-HHHH”; ensure that the folder exists and that this device is selected under “Share With” in the folder configuration.

The local directory most definitely exists, and is in the same level as the currently working directory. I have removed and readded the target directory, I have set permissions to full (think 777 – I know, but I’m testing and grasping at straws), I have even tried a third folder which also ends up as purple/Unknown. Nothing seems to help.

Any thoughts?

Screenshots will be redacted to protect the innocent.

Here’s the second screenshot, redacted:

You probably need to refresh the page, and you’ll see that the folder did not get added.

Also restarting might help.

Hi, Audrius. You are correct. It is not getting added. My guess is the config.xml was not being written to. I checked permissions on that, and even duplicated the working ‘Cases’ folder and modified it to add the ‘Files’ folder. It doesn’t seem to matter.

Restarting yields… A green ‘Up to Date’ status. Thank you…! I also had to stop/restart the syncthing service on the other node (I’m using nssm) to get it to start syncing.

Is there anything that would have led me to the same conclusion, or is this just something to be aware of when seeing the purple ‘Unknown’?

You probably added a password or changed the API key, or restarted sycthing without it realizing, which made the session cookie invalid, ans the web UI read only.

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