Permission issues when attempting to setup sync for game save files

Ok so i am on windows and i am trying to set up a linked folder to sync save files between pc and my steam deck. I am brand new to syncthing so i apologise for my ignorance in advance.

When adding the folder on the windows pc side i am getting a couple errors all resulting from denied access. The save folder is deep in my “C” drive and i am assuming this is my issue as i can add a folder in other directories problem. How would i give the appropraite permissions for syncthing to access these folders?

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What is the exact path? Is it somewhere in the Program Files or such? If yes, then you will need to run Syncthing as Administrator to sync those files.

Running with the same user that runs the game which creates the save files should be sufficient actually. How do you start Syncthing?

As far as i know there is no exe for it. I start my pc, syncthing starts on startup, then i can access the settings through the webpage. I can close the background syncthing process but not sure how to start it as admin, not entirely sure how to start it again without the reboot. I can confirm i am on the user that has also created the save file and plays the game.

If it starts without your intervention, there must be some autostart mechanism configured. There are several possibilities for that, possibly using different user accounts by default. Have you applied any of the methods from Starting Syncthing Automatically — Syncthing documentation? How did you install it?

I got it working i can confirm running the .exe as admin did the trick <3

To restart the service press win+r type services.msc and in the list of services, look for syncthing service, right click, restart

I’m having the same problem and I can’t find a definitive solution. Try right-clicking on the folder in the explorer, properties, Security, Edit permissions, add user or group, and type SynctihngServiceAcct.

In my case, when I modify my file, Windows deletes that permission and the problem arises again.

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