Performance on 2 slow lanes

Is it possible (and useful) to program syncthing so that a node can be addressed using 2 different IP addresses and supplied with data? At the same time. I have a computer (Windows 7) which is connected via a slow Wi-Fi and a slow PLC connection. If I could use both network cards at the same time that would mean a significant acceleration.

No, that is not possible. I guess you should solve the problem at the network adapter level doing some sort of tunelling, then exposing a single address to syncthing.

NIC bonding on Win 7 is dependent on the driver of the Network Adapter - not the OS. So it’s quite difficult with two different types of date transfer.

I’ve got a solution with Linux in a virtual Machine …

A thing that might work would be running two separate instances (on separate interfaces) of syncthing pointing at the same directory on the remote node

Just tried to start syncthing a second time -> Error:

[M45HU] 23:54:38 FATAL: Cannot open database: Der Prozess kann nicht auf die Datei zugreifen, da sie von einem anderen Prozess verwendet wird. - Is another copy of Syncthing already running?

How to start a second instance ? Changing the configuration directory ?

Yes you should have a completely separate config with a separate device id for that to work.