Per case sharing with other user ?

Hi, I’d like to know whether synching can be used for allowing sharing specific folders or files with specific users over the Internet, but on a ad hoc basis (and maybe with a password) and not automatically. If so, how can this be done ?

Hi! I am not sure what you mean, but I THINK the answer is no. Syncthing is not a file/folder sharing tool. It is a folder synchronization tool. Please read up on the docs. Getting Started — Syncthing v1 documentation might be a good starting point.

I actually had a look at the docs, but I see when setting up Syncthing that it has a sharing tab. I mean, I guess one could use Syncthing as a sharing tool with some degree of control when pausing the shared folder or even stopping the service from running once a file is (automatically) synced f.ex. or am I missing something here ?

Sure, you can probably try and make something work, but it’s the wrong tool. It syncs files, so the other side can just delete the files on their side and the deletions will be synced back to you.

Or simply move them to another folder right? That ought to do the trick too? Guess I shouldn’t erase the files from my side too quickly after sharing, otherwise the erasure will get synced on the other side before he can copy the files elsewhere?

I mean this is generally telling you that you are using the wrong software for the job.

i kinda got that :wink: was just considering that this setup would allow for maximum bandwidth though, contrary to capped speeds for other solutions…

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