Partial Introducer?

New user here; another BTSync refugee. :slight_smile:

I’ve switched my whole team at work to Syncthing, but, as with BTSync, I want also to use it for personal shares. As I sign more users into our cluster, it becomes a pain to share all the device IDs, so I wanted to make myself an Introducer. I don’t, however, want to introduce co-workers’ devices to family devices, like my wife’s laptop or my personal Android tablet.

Is there a way to be a partial Introducer, and exclude certain devices from being Introduced to each other? In essence, is there a way to create two different clusters?

Thanks for your help!


Separation of concerns. Probably run two separate copies.

Introducer only works on shared folders.

So if you (A) share a folder (1) with some device (B), and you are set on that device (B) as introducer, when you add another device © to you (A) and share with him that folder (1), than new device © will be added to device (B). But when you share some other folder (2) between (A) and (D), (B) wont get that device added even it has (A) set as introducer, until you share folder (2) also with (B).

Bit rough explanation, I know.

Wow. Okay, let me try to reproduce that explanation to make sure I understand it. :smile:

The common thing here seems to be specifically shared folders. If I share a work folder W with colleague C and I share a personal folder with family member F, and I’m configured as an Introducer for both, because I don’t share the work folder with the family member, the work device will not be introduced to the family device?

If it works that way, that’s exactly what I need.


Yeah, according to [v0.9.18] Introducer Nodes .

Actually I am surprised that it works that way, but you are right.

Excellent, thank you very much!

Wait, what? As that it shouldn’t work that way or as that it is broken somehow? I just tested it and only devices which shared folder was introduced, other devices wasn’t, so it seems to me that it is doing what was discribed when feature was introduced ( :slight_smile: ) in v0.9.18. Am I missing something?

It’s just my perception of how it worked was incorrect.