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Hello, I’m new in this forum, I have a problem and I need help to resolve it. I run my own relay in a private VPS. I configured clients so they connect to this relay but this way it seems that some clients in LAN is forced to use relay instead of local IP.

Is there a way to tell clients to use local IP addres and, for non LAN clients, my own relay?

I forgot to tell some information: some client are in LAN, other clients are on internet, all of them share same directoryes. At this moment all internet clients are OFF, and all intranet client are ON but they continue to use the relay.

What did you enter into the listen address field? It should be something like tcp://, relay://<host name|IP>[:port]/?id=<relay device ID>.

only relay://<host name|IP>[:port]/?id= I tried also dynamic+relay://<host name|IP>[:port]/?id=

This means only try relay. If you want relays and other connections, use dynamic, relay://..., dynamic+relay:// means something else, where the location of the relay is not known.

I don’t think dynamic, relay://... is a thing for listen address, it’s what @wweich wrote:

dynamic is for remote addresses as far as I remember.

See https://docs.syncthing.net/users/config.html#listen-addresses

I tried

tcp://, relay://<host name|IP>[:port]/?id=

Now (only LAN clients are ON) syncthing connects to nodes using local IP, later i will activate internet nodes so I will test. Thank you all 4 support.

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